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        Chef Service

Chef service is available for any meal during your stay. You can pay Samuel directly during or before your departure.  As cash is sometimes hard to get especially at the end of your stay you can pay Cheryl via PayPal or Zelle bank transfer, Zelle is preferred.  The meal bill will be in pesos and US funds, the exchange rate is pre-set. Please pay the Tip separately directly to Samuel. The final bill will include all meals, grocery receipts, house pre-stocking/shopping, and other services. Gratuity is not included in the bill.

The cost is per person including the chef and helper who will shop, cook, serve and

Clean-up.  Plus, the cost of groceries.   

Extra charge for larger group dinners over 15 guests, weddings, or events. Events must be pre-booked and prepaid through Cheryl.

Our kitchen is not set up to accommodate individual meal service so please keep your meal selections to a maximum of 2 main meals & 1 starter for the group.  Vegetarian, gluten-free, and vegan are available by request.


Chef costs:

Breakfast - 100.00 Pesos, Lunch - 100.00 pesos Dinner - 150.00 pesos,  per person plus cost of Groceries.

Dinner includes one starter, one main meal, and dessert, for the group. See the attached menu. Cocktails are available (margaritas, Coco locos, etc.)

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